July, 2014

FAST TRACK, my new hardcover, comes out July 29th.   To read an excerpt or to pre-order your copy click here.  

I'll be at Andre's Confiserie in Kansas City on the 29th for a booksigning party. We had a great time there last year, so I just had to return.  The pastries and chocolates are to die for.  I hope you can come.  To find out the details, go to RAINYDAYBOOKS.COM.  If you can't make it and would like a signed copy, Rainy Day Books will be happy to send you one.

For other updates or to contact me, please visit me on Facebook or find me @JulieGarwood on Twitter.  You can always email me here on my website, too.

Also, be sure to sign my guestbook. I pick a name each week from it and send the winner a signed book. This week's (JuLY 21) winner is Judy Alden in Missouri, and the book for this month is SWEET TALK.

If you have any questions, here are some answers to the ones I hear most often: Frequently Asked Questions.

Until next time, take care.