FAST TRACK eBook on sale May 8 to May 23 for $2.99.


Science would have us believe that opposites attract. That might be true for magnets. But what about people?

In my next book, GRACE UNDER FIRE, you'll meet Michael Buchanan, a disciplined and focused man.  You'll also meet Isabel MacKenna, a free spirit with an open heart.  How could these two opposites ever get along, let alone be attracted to each other? You'll find out when you read their story....  and there will definitely be sparks.

I'm very excited to announce that GRACE UNDER FIRE, which will be released in July, is available for pre-sale now.  So, if you want to be one of the first to get it next summer, you can order it from most booksellers today.

If you haven’t signed my guest book yet, please do. I’ll send you a notice before the new book comes out. I also pick a name from it each week and give away a book or audio. This week I’m sending an autographed book to Jennifer Reese in Wyoming.

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